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About Us

Pinnacle Minds is a corporate memory training and educational organisation based in Singapore. Pinnacle Minds was founded in 2011 by memory expert, Sancy Suraj. Since then we have worked with some of the best organisations in Singapore and worldwide including, Singapore Airlines, Bank of Singapore and NADSAQ.

Corporate Memory Improvement Training Courses

We have a variety of courses for corporate organisations as well as adults. These course ranges from a short lunch talk to 2 full day workshops. Click on the link below to learn more about the individual courses or email us at [email protected] with your inquiries.

Students Memory Power Training Workshop

Each student course we have is highly customised to our students. For example we teach different techniques and have different delivery methods for each level of grade. To request for a brochure for either one of our student courses email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you immediately.

  • Lower Primary Memory Training Workshop (P1 to P3).
  • Upper Primary Memory Training Workshop (P4 to P6).
  • PSLE Specialised Memory Training Workshop (PSLE Students).
  • Secondary School Memory Training Course (Secondary 1 to 5).
  • O Level Specialised Memory Training Workshop (O Level Students).
  • Junior College Students Memory Training Workshop (JC1 & JC2).
  • A Level Specialised Memory Training Course (A Level Students).
  • ITE Students Memory Training Workshop.
  • Polytechnic Students Memory Training Workshop (Poly Students).
  • University, Undergraduate Students Memory Training Course.
  • University, Postgraduate Students Memory Training Workshop.
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  • MBA Students Memory Training Workshop.

Students Study & Examination Skills Course

  • Study Skills & Examination Skill Course For Upper Primary Students (P4 to P6).
  • Specialised Study Skills & Examination Skill Course For PSLE Students (P5 & P6).
  • Study Skills & Examination Skill Course For Secondary School Students (Secondary 1 to 5).
  • Specialised Study Skills & Examination Skill Course Secondary School Students (Secondary 3 to 5).
  • Geography Tuition for Secondary School Students

Online Courses

We offer online courses through our partner at Umonic.

  • Corporate Memory Improvement Online Course
  • Student’s Memory Improvement Online Course
  • Corporate Speed Reading Online Course.

Why Improve Your Memory?

Unless your memory is coming up short and causing you clear issues at work or in individual life, you presumably underestimate your memory capacity. You may think it is pleasant to have a superior memory, yet why trouble. You are getting along o.k. In addition, you may well trust you can’t do much about your memory. Join our memory course Today! We use a strict casting process to represent only the best escorts and companions, including this delectable gallery in Singapore. SG VIP escorts agency works with the highest class escort models in the world, unmatched by competitor providers. Companions from a professional and successful background, from modelling to genuine porn stars and famous actresses. Our exclusive members gallery features the most confidential and elusive companions working with us. Highly recommended for affluent and wealthy clientele seeking the most elegant experiences.

Here are just some of the advantages:

  • Knowledge retention
  • Knowledge application
  • Improve decision making
  • Learn information faster
  • Cope with information overload
  • Score better for professional or school exams.

Memory Training Courses in Singapore: Tips to Improving Your Memory

In the event that your memory is not as solid as you might want it to be, at that point you may be pondering what steps will empower you to enhance your memory. Fortunately anybody can improve their capacity to review data by following the correct procedure and you won’t have to roll out critical way of life improvements. Here are six simple approaches to enhance your memory (also upgrade your general prosperity).

Get Adequate Sleep

Individuals who have occupied lives don’t generally get enough rest and it impacts their intellectual capacities adversely. Getting no less than seven to nine hours of rest every night will work ponders for your memory and you will probably see great memory comes about inside a couple of days of keeping up an appropriate rest cycle.

Make your rest cycle a need then your here and now and long haul capacity to recall things will profit no doubt.

Begin Working Out

Working out is an extraordinary approach to build your blood stream and your blood conveys oxygen and indispensable supplements to your mind. The individuals who work out all the time will probably see enhancements in their long haul memory and running for 20 to 30 minutes three times every week is sufficient when you need to appreciate the advantages.

A current report even found that one moment of high-force practice every day can even be sufficient to have a major effect! So to those of you who say there’s no time in the day, there’s dependably time.

Take Breaks

When examining new data, many individuals read for a few hours, endeavoring to learn as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. Expanded examination sessions, be that as it may, are not generally the best choice on the grounds that your capacity to hold data will diminish after a specific point.

Your mind needs to rest as data over-burden can prompt a similar sort of mental weakness that you’d understanding on the off chance that you wore your body out with extreme exercise.

Take breaks and as opposed to packing, think about in short to medium interims. When you see that it’s getting to be plainly troublesome for you to focus on the material, enjoy a short reprieve. Your mind will thank you for it.

Push Your Brain

On the off chance that you need to take your memory to the following level, scan for approaches to challenge your mind. Crossword riddles and memory amusements are extraordinary devices for enhancing your memory and you can discover a lot of free exercises on the web.

A large number of them come as free applications as they may be a more productive methods for killing time, than the standard recreations you play. Testing your cerebrum fortifies your neural pathways as your mental capacities will enhance all around ok.

Eat Memory Enhancing Foods

The sustenance that you eat can assume a part in your cerebrum’s ability to store and review data and a horrible eating routine can accomplish more damage than a great many people would speculate. Blueberries, celery and dull chocolate are fabulous alternatives for any individual who needs to take full advantage of their memory.

Anything high in cell reinforcements ought to positively affect your memory. Prepared nourishments and anything high in sugar ought to be limited, as these both prompt mind weariness.


The human mind can just process such a great amount of data at one time and an excessive number of diversions can make it troublesome for you to exchange data to your long haul memory. Ruminating for even only 10 minutes every day will enhance your capacity to center, making it that substantially simpler for you to recall critical realities. Applications like Headspace can enable you to accomplish this regimentedly.

So to total everything up, challenge your mind (without trying too hard) and treat your body well. Your cerebrum will thank you for it!

Learn Memory Techniques

To begin learning memory techniques contact us below:

Memory Improvement Training Courses & Workshops in SingaporeContact us today for more information on our Singapore memory training courses.

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Alternatively, you may drop us a message below and we will strive to get back to you in the next 24 hours. 

Singapore Memory Training Course: In spite of the fact that there are no ensures with regards to anticipating memory misfortune or dementia, certain exercises may offer assistance. Consider seven straightforward approaches to hone your memory – and know when to look for help for memory misfortune.

1. Remain rationally dynamic

Similarly as physical action helps keep your body fit as a fiddle, rationally animating exercises help keep your cerebrum fit as a fiddle – and might keep memory misfortune under control. Do crossword baffles. Play connect. Take backup ways to go when driving. Figure out how to play a melodic instrument. Volunteer at a neighborhood school or group association.

2. Mingle consistently

Social collaboration helps avert sorrow and stress, both of which can add to memory misfortune. Search for chances to get together with friends and family, companions and others – particularly on the off chance that you live alone.

3. Get composed

Will probably overlook things if your house is jumbled and your notes are in confuse. Scribble down undertakings, arrangements and different occasions in an uncommon note pad, date-book or electronic organizer. You may even rehash every passage so anyone can hear as you scribble it down to help concrete it in your memory. Keep schedules current and verify things you’ve finished. Put aside a place for your wallet, keys and different basics.

Point of confinement diversions and don’t do an excessive number of things without a moment’s delay. In the event that you concentrate on the data that you’re endeavoring to hold, you’ll probably review it later. It may likewise associate what you’re attempting to hold to a main tune or another natural idea.

4. Rest soundly

Rest assumes a vital part in helping you solidify your recollections, so you can review them not far off. Make getting enough rest a need. Most grown-ups require seven to nine hours of rest a day.

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