Corporate Lunchtime Talks in Singapore

Lunch time talks in Singapore on memory improvement for corporate professionals.


Staff training is important. Nonetheless, the issue with leading problem is generally the issue of time. Workers as a rule have excessively to do amid the day, and finding an opportunity to go to a full or a large portion of a day instructional course can now and again be a unimaginable undertaking. With Learn at Lunch or lunch talk instructional meeting, an association will have the capacity to accomplish all the more preparing by making their worker’s lunch hour into a learning hour.

Lunch talks in Singapore, otherwise called a lunch and learn hour is an instructional meeting that is short and is normally planned amid a lunch hour. A noon talk can last somewhere in the range of 45 minutes, a hour to a long lunch discuss 120 minutes. A noon talk possibly directed for nothing too in Singapore, however generally just for non benefit associations. Do a Google look on free talks in Singapore to get a thought. Some lunch and learn talk themes may incorporate wellbeing talks in Singapore on both physical and psychological wellness prosperity.

A lunch and Learn session or a break time talk might be held in an organisation’s, hall, gathering room, or even a meeting room. Noon 1 hour talks in Singapore are normally directed to educate or motivate representatives, cover issues or activities, satisfy necessities, or make a working environment of learning, coordinated effort and correspondence. One of the greatest advantage of a Learn at Lunch preparing program is that the association will have the capacity to get all the more preparing conveyed to their workers requiring little to no effort.

Workers who goes to noon talks in Singapore can either put together their own lunch or their lunch can be given by the association as a motivating force to go to the lunch preparing.

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Lunch Talk Content:

  1. Prevent yourself from forgetting to carry out tasks at work or home.
  2. Simple strategies to help you remember where you placed your daily objects.
  3. Daily 2-minute brain exercise you can do to drastically improve your memory.
  4. 5 examples of normal memory problems vs. serious memory problems. When should you seek help?
  5. Why trying too hard to use your memory can sometimes be a problem.
  6. When you should use technology and when not to use technology to help you remember
  7. Why do most new mothers complain of having a bad memory and how to reverse that?
  8. How to stay alert at work; Remove brain fog, stay alert throughout your work day.
  9. Why skipping breakfast can actually improve your concentration levels.
  10. Why do you always feel so lethargic after lunch and how to prevent this from ever happening again?
  11. 5 scientific tips to improve your focus and concentration levels over the next 1 week.
  12. 4 of the most important foods you can eat to skyrocket your focus and concentration levels.
  13. 7 tips for making a good memory great.
  14. Memory training should start at a young age: How to teach memory improvement techniques to your children so that they can smash their exams. Learn the top 5 memory techniques Pinnacle Minds teach students in School!
  15. Questions & Answers

Lunch Time Talk Duration:

90 Minutes

Lunch and Learn Materials:

  1. Memory EBook (56 Pages) (Downloadable)
  2. Handout Notes (7 Pages) (Printed)
  3. PowerPoint Slides (121 Slides) (Downloadable)
  4. Online Memory Improvement Lunctime Talk Course (Online Access)

Lunch Talk Speaker:

  1. Mr.Sancy Suraj, founder and chief trainer of Pinnacle Minds.
  2. Held the world record for the longest colour sequence memorised.
  3. Represented Singapore at the World Memory Championships.

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